Business Excellence Elites Club (Beesclub)

Business Excellence Elites Club (Beesclub)

Initial Idea of Business Excellence Elites club was originated in 2006 to improve business environment in Iran with an international approach and the idea was originated with Muslim Excellence Competitiveness Corporations Award (MECAward).

First event of MECAward in 2007 brought to light the capacity for creating a platform for business elites and top business leaders of Iran.

Business Excellence Elites Club attempts to form an active and professional group of top business leaders of private sector to play an active role in decision-making of governing body in national and international levels. Beesclub brings together accredited businesspersons of private sector who are owners of transparent businesses and has a deep understanding of the concept of development and play a significant role in promoting the notion of development in Iran’s economy. Beesclub identifies and brings together businesspersons and provides a tribune for them in order to share their views and opinions and seek solutions to pave the way for business and trade.

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